Summer Holiday Activity

‘Virtual Summer Sing Masterclasses’


Socially distant masterclasses!

In each class you will have the opportunity to sing and share songs in your intimate group, or if you prefer simply listen. You will then be coached by myself and receive positive feedback in how to practise and improve in preparation for a virtual performance! Everybody’s input will be welcome!

As the weeks progress, I will encourage you to contribute more to the coaching, this will help further your knowledge of singing and performing and of course you will be encouraged to practise, compose and learn at home all the songs in between our sessions.


  • Class A : BEGINNERS – Juniors & Seniors
  • Class B : JUNIORS – Primary KS2 & Over
  • Class C : SENIORS – Secondary & Over


You will be placed in groups between four and six with similar ages and /or ability. This could consist of friends that share the same love of singing or new singing buddies that could make friends for life! We will work altogether as a team and depending on level, learn in more detail about the vocal mechanism, find song choices to match each individuals voice, learn how to write you’re own song/duet and finally plan a ‘VIRTUAL’ recital sharing a selection of what we have worked on to perform ‘LIVE’ in front of each other and our families at home at the end of the Summer Holiday!


Workshop Details